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With the mild sun of July, summer still beckons everybody, you will not hesitate any longer! Let`s go to Hoi An to experience the great sights with your friends and relatives.

          1. Walking in the old town.

hoian walking tour 300x200 - EXPERIENCE IN HOI ANThe narrow streets, the old houses and the moss covered alleys are indispensable parts of the soul of Hoi An. At anytime of day, you can walk comfortably through the small streets, discover the ancient beauty of the translucent layer of dust over the part, listen to the melodious music, enjoy the peace and quiet. Walking through Hoi An helps you forget the feeling of the busy day and the noisy life. Such wonderful moments will make anyone want to come to Hoi An… and the first thing you think about is walking down the small old streets.

          2. Enjoying the local food in Hoi An.

With famous traditional dishes such as Cao Lau, White Rose, Chicken Rice… you can easily find your favourite delicacy. Hoi An`s culinary art is very different and attractive. You  can go to Hai Ba Trung street to learn and enjoy White Rose. Just outside Hoi An, on the beach or the river, you can visit restaurants to enjoy fresh sea food… and the floating restaurant is a place you can not ignore. You can chat with your friends or sing and play guitar on the boat while enjoying the light waves and cool breezes.

925 phongon 300x194 - EXPERIENCE IN HOI ANbanhxeo - EXPERIENCE IN HOI ANrestaurant - EXPERIENCE IN HOI AN


How to enjoy Hoi An’s food in the best way? The answer is: take a food tour from a trustworthy company. Hoi An Food Tour is one of those which are highly recommended on Tripadvisor. Hoi An Food tour’s guides are friendly, enthusiastic, funny and smart who will take you around enjoying Hoi An’s food and give you a memorable day. An evening food tour will be the best if you don’t know what to do at night in Hoi An. Hanging around, eating Hoi An’s food and playing some of Hoi An’s traditional games will make your day during your time here. Have a look at http://hoianfoodtour.com/holiday/evening-walking-food-tour/

          3. Viewing the Japanese bridge with a cup of coffee.

10528170 10201310665329258 1544820946 n 300x225 - EXPERIENCE IN HOI ANA new hobby is explored by the youth and it is quickly becoming a movement. Gathering at Miss Thao`s café on the corner Chau Thuong Van street – Japanese bridge. The small coffee shop is decorated with simple small wooden chair, but from this exquisite little corner, you can enjoy the view of the daily life of Hoi An. You can help the local fishermen on the Hoai River with the cheers of friends when you catch fish. Viewing the people who trade on the street vendors with a special local voice “Quảng”. When you finish your coffee, you will discover that the sun has already risen high in the sky.

          4. Cycling in the countryside.

cycling 300x225 - EXPERIENCE IN HOI ANNothing better than just cycle and sightsee, such as going to Cam Thanh, Cam Chau or Cam An, cycling through the green fields, smelling the rice of the peaceful village. The scenery is endless offering opportunities for beautiful colorful photographs. It makes you forget the sorrow and messy everyday life.

          5. Viewing the Hoài River, floating the colored lanterns on Hoài River and walking around the night town.

1927235 10201306595907525 2126601392 n 300x199 - EXPERIENCE IN HOI ANNightfall, Hoài River is inherently poetic, magical and peaceful. Someone said that, if you would like to know the local lifestyle, let`s explore it at night, it`s true. When the lanterns are lit in the old houses, you go to Hoài River to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Hoi An of the early years of the last century. Most interesting, you may rent a small boat and float colored lanterns while making a wish on the dream Hoài River… and who know your wish might become reality. Each colored the lanterns gives wings to your dreams of flying high together with the classical opera voice of the local singer and the popular local game bingo-in-huts. Hoi An will be an unforgettable memory in your life.

          6. Swimming in the sea.

SAM 0404 300x224 - EXPERIENCE IN HOI ANJust over five minutes by motorbike or fifteen minutes by bicycle, you will quickly come to the famous white sandy beaches of An Bàng and Cửa Đại. They were voted one of the fifty beautiful beaches. An Bàng beach is increasingly crowed with travelers who comes to escape the heat of the summer diving into the cool water. Most wonderful, the beaches in Hoi An are absolutely safe for tourists and residents. You can leave your belongings in the shops for safe keeping or leave them on the beach while bathing, because you be assured of complete freedom and delight and bathe until the sun sets behind the mountains.

          7. The Seven Hectares of palm forest E-co.

10559243 10201306597147556 1517963459 n 300x199 - EXPERIENCE IN HOI AN  Today, The Seven Hectares of palm forest area is invested in by the young entrepreneurs of the eco-tour and its environment is protected by model members of the community… Khoa Trần, Tuấn Liên Hội An and more than twenty other households. You can move around the palm forest for about thirty minutes by a basket boat or a motor boat. If you like, you can try the water coconuts on the boat. Contact the residents there to rent a small hut. You sit in the hut to fish, have BBQ outside or join the local community in traditional games such as crossing a bamboo bridge to drum or crossing a monkey bridge.

          Carrying the rhythm of urban life. The name of Hoi An means “Village in a town”, Hoi An has the appearance of a modern city but retains the gentle pace of life, of a small village. It`s peaceful as the name suggests… Although Hoi An is not your hometown, but you will never forget it. After you have left, Hoi An will remain with you as a beautiful memory.

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